Tuesday 20 August 2019
 4:15 PM CST

As a touring professional angler, I get asked questions about my gear almost every time I stop while towing my boat across the country. I get a lot of routine questions like, “What are those poles on the back of your boat?” And “Do you have any free jerky?” But (more)

 3:34 PM CST

Heading into the Lake Champlain event I had one goal and that was to make the Top 30 cut. I felt confident that a top 30 finish would result in a Forrest Wood Cup berth, but knew I’d still need a little bit of help from my competitors. With the (more)

 3:48 PM CST

It never seizes to amaze me how crucial one fish can be to an entire season. Most fans don’t realize how tight the points can be and a single fish can move you up and down the season long standings. I had this experience on Lake Chickamauga this past week. (more)

 12:31 PM CST

Lake Cherokee is probably the best smallmouth lake I have visited outside of the northern smallmouth states. It truly has a healthy population with both numbers and quality. In fact, there are a lot of lakes up north that can’t even compete with Cherokee. The week of the FLW Tour event (more)

 4:11 PM CST

I was really looking forward to going to Grand Lake until there was an influx of cold muddy water that entered the system about a week before practice started. That really changed the fishing and made it predominantly a spinnerbait and Crankbait tournament. I’ve only been to Grand Lake once (more)