11:49 AM CST

St. Clair is a phenomenal fishery and the weights were the best in FLW History, but it still is my least favorite Great Lakes Fishery. I say this because it is such a structureless lake that it’s hard to find specific pieces of cover to make direct casts at which (more)

 12:04 PM CST

Kentucky Lake is my least favorite lake we fish in the country. I don’t know what it is, but I continue to claw and scratch for every fish I catch there while it seems like everyone else is catching giants. This latest FLW Tour stop was no different. The fish (more)

Wednesday 2 May 2018
 12:14 PM CST

Smith Lake is my favorite Lake that we visit on the FLW Tour. It has always treated me well and I love catching spotted bass. This is a little later than I have visited it in the past, but it’s still the spring and I felt comfortable heading into the (more)

 1:25 PM CST

The Lake Cumberland area had received a lot of rain and unusually cool temperatures the two weeks prior to arriving. This had the lake up 5 feet above full pool and dirtier than usual. However, starting in practice and going throughout the tournament weather conditions were going to warm up (more)

Wednesday 14 March 2018
 11:37 AM CST

Lake Lanier is one of those lakes every bass fisherman should put on their bucket list of lakes to fish in their lifetime. I’d always heard that it was a good spotted bass lake, but never realized how good. There are loads of 2-4 lb. spotted bass with lots more (more)