3:34 PM CST

Heading into the Lake Champlain event I had one goal and that was to make the Top 30 cut. I felt confident that a top 30 finish would result in a Forrest Wood Cup berth, but knew I’d still need a little bit of help from my competitors. With the (more)

 3:48 PM CST

It never seizes to amaze me how crucial one fish can be to an entire season. Most fans don’t realize how tight the points can be and a single fish can move you up and down the season long standings. I had this experience on Lake Chickamauga this past week. (more)

 12:31 PM CST

Lake Cherokee is probably the best smallmouth lake I have visited outside of the northern smallmouth states. It truly has a healthy population with both numbers and quality. In fact, there are a lot of lakes up north that can’t even compete with Cherokee. The week of the FLW Tour event (more)

 4:11 PM CST

I was really looking forward to going to Grand Lake until there was an influx of cold muddy water that entered the system about a week before practice started. That really changed the fishing and made it predominantly a spinnerbait and Crankbait tournament. I’ve only been to Grand Lake once (more)

 7:53 AM CST

Seminole is a lake you both get excited for and dread seeing when they announce the following years schedule. It’s got giant bass in it but catching limits can be tough. It’s also completely full of timber making navigation very difficult and rough on equipment. My plan heading into this event (more)