1:18 PM CST

I have such a love hate relationship with Okeechobee. I love it because it allows me to fish my strengths. It’s a shallow water grass fisherman’s dream lake. I hate it because if you are not in the right spot when the big girls pull in it can be a (more)

Wednesday 25 October 2017
 12:57 PM CST

As much as I dread making the 1,500 mile cross country trip, I quickly forget about it after putting my boat in on Lake Mead in preparation for the WON Bass U.S. Open. This is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country and is unique in that it (more)

 12:12 PM CST

Andy Morgan said it best on stage at the Day 1 Weigh-in, “I feel like I walked into an ambush!” Heading into this event the majority of the competitors thought this was going to go down similar to the 2014 cup. Limits would be tough and any weights in the (more)

 2:40 PM CST

After making three consecutive cuts, I was looking forward to ending the regular season on the Potomac River. It is a shallow weed fishery and fits how I like to fish. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it seems to fish small and it’s tidal, which (more)

 2:15 PM CST

Going into the Mississippi River event I had formulated a game plan to fish for largemouths on Pool 8. However, after two days of practice I had trouble finding any solid concentration of largemouth that were not going to be in a community spot. I also found myself catching almost (more)